Marseille both amazed and disappointed me in some ways. I loved the cloudless skies, the kindhearted people, the air of language which dressed the whispers of the wind with a poetic mix of French, Arabic, and Corsican. Though it isn’t the most eco-friendly city in the world, there is a core group of people working at making that shift with consciously created places which embody the city’s culture with a much greener tone.

The Leotie Lovely City Guide contains:
- Images (by Shane Woodward) and stories about each of the conscious hotel, airbnb, slow food restaurants/cafes, and sustainable shopping spots tried and tested by my husfriend and I.
- Daily itineraries of the two-day guide we created which takes you by all the historical and beautiful sights of Marseille, with stops for sustenance and souvenirs at slow food restaurants, sustainable shops on the way.
- Online google map you can follow for each day.

** pre-order: ebook will be delivered to your inbox on May 30, 2017