Galavanting Gypsy Clutch

Sold Out

This gal is made from an upcycled scrap of fabric I found in a thrift store in my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. I used an old torn dressing gown discarded into the bins at a London, England charity shop for the lining, and handpainted a steerhead I picked up 6 years ago in Bali from a carver in Ubud who created this piece with bone he found in a junkyard.

It is a happy marriage of three distinct cultures harmoniously combined to make new of what has been discarded.

This piece is for the nomadic wanderers who embrace with their hearts the beauty of cultures beyond their own.

Height: 6.25"
Width: 22"
Fabric: Re-purposed vintage outer, upcycled vintage lining
Made In: England & France
Care: Spot Wash
Brand: Leotie Lovely
Limited Edition: One-Of-A-Kind