Loupe Lune Clutch

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This moon lovin' lady is the premier piece in a new collection of smaller clutches / makeup bags. Each one is handmade using upcycled vintage fabric I found during our trip through the Arizona Desert.

We had travelled through from New Mexico in our VW Va, and though our pockets were tight and we were running on fumes, our hearts were full and we feeding off the inspiring and enlightening magic that the moonlit desert had brought us.

This piece is for the women who run with the wolves and live their lives in wonderment of the moon's majestic powers.

As each bag is handmade, you can request a custom tassel made from any colours you like or choose to get her without a tassel at all. The choice is yours!

10% of every sale will be invested into a Kiva.org entrepreneur at the end of each season. Read more about it in our Green Policy above.

Height: 5"
Width: 7"
Fabric: Re-purposed vintage outer, upcycled lining
Made In: England & France
Care: Spot Wash
Brand: Leotie Lovely
Limited Edition: Twelve-Of-A-Kind