Mexi Moxi Clutch

£5.00 - On Sale

This magical material came from a soulful store in San Antonio which drew us in with it's array of celebratory colours and smiling souls. It was a space called Mexi Moxi where artists gathered and sold what they could; vintage pieces, paintings, trinkets, and knick knacks, united under one roof to support their community with past pieces needing a new lease of life.

This loved up lady has made its way through the generations from a small mountain town in the Mexico many moons ago, to Mexi Moxi's intentional imaginarium where it was embraced by me, and repurposed to share with you, piece by piece like the stardust we're made up of.

This piece is for the dreamers and believers who find diamonds on a rough day and continuously chase the shadows away.

As each bag is handmade, you can request a custom tassel made from any colours you like or choose to get her without a tassel at all. The choice is yours!

10% of every sale will be invested into a entrepreneur at the end of each season. Read more about it in our Green Policy above.

Height: 6.25"
Width: 8.25"
Fabric: Re-purposed vintage outer, upcycled lining
Made In: England & France
Care: Spot Wash
Brand: Leotie Lovely
Limited Edition: Twelve-Of-A-Kind