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LEO AND THE LION LEARN OF LOVE is a picture book for the conscious child, discussing the cause and effect of Love versus Hate with lessons on how to live a life of Love from the wise old Lion.

Digital copies are delivered via email while printed versions, which are printed in one of Europe's only cradle-to-cradle printers, are delivered by mail.

Written By: Holly Rose of Leotie Lovely
Illustrations By: Caroline Winneguth of Salt Water & Feathers

- LEO & THE LION LEARN OF LOVE | By Holly Rose | © Copyright 2017

[Page 1]

The Lion knew Leo before he was here when they were lights in the sky beaming big, bright and clear

[Page 2]

The Lion had arrived long before little Leo and had learned all he could about wisdom and ego

[Page 3]

The Lion was eager to share all he’d gathered, from his time here on earth on subjects that mattered

[Page 4]

But Leo first needed to grow, feed and learn, as many lessons arrive soon after you’re born

[Page 5]

So the Lion he waited and watched and enjoyed, as this human grew from a small baby to a little boy

[Page 6]

And then one day to the Lion's surprise, the boy named Leo looked right in his eyes

[Page 7]

And asked him a question needing an answer so big, it took the Lion some time to reflect on and think

[Page 8]

"What Is Love?" Leo asked with a sparkle in his eye and the Lion felt so joyful he nearly started to cry

[Page 9]

"Love" said the Lion with a voice soft and deep, is the most important and beautiful of all the feelings

[Page 10]

It's a word which transcends every race, gender and language, which can cure any hurt without so much as a bandage

[Page 11]

It is a magical thing made to nourish and share, as it shows the world how much your heart and soul can care

[Page 12]

It is meant to be shared with every living thing, from the animals and plants to each human being

[Page 13]

"But what if we don't" Leo whispered with worry, and his eyes filled with tears making his vision all blurry

[Page 14]

The Lion hugged Leo and slowly explained, how the planet they live on creates most of its pain

[Page 15]

If we don't love the animals, the animals get hurt, if we don't love the trees they fall to the dirt

[Page 16]

If we don't love each human we have war, not peace, which makes the world run like it's sick with disease

[Page 17]

We need all living things to coexist and be balanced, which is why we must always choose Love even when it is challenged

[Page 18]

"I will Love them!" said Leo and he finally smiled, and he hugged the Lion, a tree and another small child

[Page 19]

And he laughed and he played and he promised to always remember, the lessons of the lion on that day in September