Barcelona is the first city in the world to be awarded Biosphere certification. It recognises the city as a sustainable tourism destination, one which has developed techniques which allow them to manage the sustainable, environmental, cultural and socio-economic issues which are posed by heavy tourism. Despite their efforts, the imbalance between give and take remain.

There are various ways to ensure that your visit doesn’t fall into the realm of take, one of which is reducing the impact of your actions and experience by supporting truly local business, from your sustenance and the way you shop, to where you sleep, and how you go about your day.

The Leotie Lovely City Guide contains:
- Images (by Shane Woodward) and stories about each of the conscious hotels, hostels, slow food restaurants/cafes, and sustainable shopping spots tried and tested by my husfriend and I.
- Daily itineraries of the two-day guide we created which takes you by all the historical and beautiful sights of Barcelona, with stops for sustenance and souvenirs at slow food restaurants, sustainable shops and two eco hotels/hostels.
- Online google map you can follow for each day.

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